Bukit Bangkirai Natural Conversation

Bukit Bangkirai is one of the Natural Tourist Great Adventure which is located in the Premier Jungle. It can be reached within 90 minutes, 58 Km From Balikpapan. This area is part of the Tropical Jungle in East Kalimantan runnning over 15 million ha. You will find here a high Canopy Bridge and many bird species as well as Burung Surga (Drongos) and Enggang Bird (Richoneros). This area is used mostly for research and conservation. Complete accomodation as in Cottages, can be rented.

Address: Jl. Soekarno-Hatta KM.38 - Balikpapan - Indonesia Phone: +62 542 736066 Website: http://bukitbangkirai.com
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